How your Cegos L&D Health Check works

The Cegos L&D Health Check is designed specifically to allow you to benchmark your existing approach against the UK’s most successful organisations. All at the click of a few buttons and in less time than it takes you to grab a coffee and post an update on Facebook.


Answer a series of short Yes/No questions


See how you’ve scored


Get your report


How it Scores you

Assess the strength of your strategy

The benefits of the Cegos L&D Health Check though will last long after the caffeine/social gratification have left, and will save you hours if not longer in painstaking research. It will assess the strength of your strategy in terms of achieving your organisation’s goals against our six ‘L&D pillars’.

Get your personalised report

Once you’ve whizzed through a series of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions, we’ll send you an 11 page personalised report that highlights just how well your company stacks up against the rest.

Be inspired

You’ll be inspired to make positive changes, so that your L&D fires on all cylinders and sets alight that all-important team spirit.

Discover your score in less than 10 Minutes

So, take a seat, relax for 10 minutes, with or without a coffee if you’re short on time and get ready to answer some crucial questions that will make you think, reflect and learn.